Tuesday, November 18, 2008


I know next week is Thanksgiving dinner, but one of the main reasons we remodeled the kitchen was for the big baking holidays. I have already baked dozens of cupcakes at once to see if the oven was up for the big job. It was. We have hosted a few parties and the kitchen has performed marvelously. So a turkey was the next logical challenge. I am making an amended Thanksgiving dinner for tonight; Turkey (with brine), sweet potatoes, stuffing, peas, and pumpkin pies. I have been talking with the kids about this meal for a week now. They have been helping as I gathered the ingredients, prepared the turkey, cooked the brine and baked the pies. William has been trained that each time we talk about the turkey he walks to the kitchen, opens the fridge and points to the turkey.

So I remind the kids this morning that I will be cooking the turkey today. Lainy Ann innocently asks, "So are you going through drive-thru or making something else for me?" Um, What?! I'm making turkey for dinner. "Yeah", she says, "But I told you I don't like it and I'm not eating it". "Then I guess you are going to be hungry", I replied.

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Mission Impossible

I have discovered the real problem with a large family. It isn't money, space or patience. Even time isn't really that much of an issue. I have gotten creative with spending one-on-one time with the kids as I grocery shop or get an oil change. And having enough energy to get all the kids dinner, bathed and in bed just means creative time-management. I cook full meals in the early afternoon while the kids are in school so we can spend all the time from 3 pm until bedtime together on homework, reading, etc.

But on Halloween I discovered the real reason you can't have really large families in today's society. Scheduling. Throughout the week I have cleverly scheduled the children's activities that compliments our family life. But on Halloween I had to be at 6 different events through out the day. Caskey had to work if we wanted him to come home early for trick-or-treating. That left Alexander and I running back and forth to the different schools and providing support.

Monday, November 3, 2008

Alexander's Baptism

baptism photo

My last baby boy was baptized recently. He was baptized at the church his siblings were baptized at and where Caskey and I were married. Its one of my favorite traditions with our newborns. I love welcoming them into our church, the church we have called home for years. I love dressing them in the same gown their siblings have worn and introducing our precious child to the community.

Welcome, my son, into the Catholic faith.

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Math for Breakfast

Last night the clocks changed. We turned the clocks back an hour and thereby gaining an hour of sleep. No wait. Only those without children gained an hour of sleep. The rest of us got up an hour early and spent the day normally. This morning the clock ready 4:55 am when Lainy Ann asked if she could color. Because I didn't feel like arguing I said yes.

So I drug myself out of bed at 5:30 am and found them not coloring. But this isn't one of those oh-no-they-ruined-my-house-stories. No, its ends much better. They were both playing in the bedroom with pencils and blank paper. They were making up addition problems and solving them. My 5 1/2 year old and my 4 year old are doing addition this morning for fun.

Yup, I'm bragging. But wouldn't you be bragging too if your 4-year-old was doing math for breakfast?

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Paper Dolls - Modernized

McDonald's new Happy Meal toy is a Barbie. We have strict rules in this house about EVERYONE, including dolls, must be appropriately dressed. Lainy Ann is sitting on the couch playing with two of her new dolls. One of the dolls is wearing a pink strapless dress, strictly inappropriate. So Caskey asks me to hand him a sharpie. He is presumably going to draw straps on this Barbie. I remembered that I had 24 different colored sharpie markers. I have saved Barbie from a huge fashion faux pas; black straps and a pink dress.

Once Lainy Ann sees what Daddy is doing she agrees, "She wasn't dressed appropriately." Caskey even managed to make her plunging neckline less plunging. But then the requests started. "Can you put a purple bracelet on her?" "A necklace too?" "The other doll also needs a necklace."

So Lainy Ann and Caskey sat on the couch decorating Barbie dolls.