Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Walk to School Day

Today is National Walk to School Day and October is Walk to School Month. I was talking with friends about whether or not they would be walking to school today. With guilt I told them that although we live 4 blocks from the school I would be driving Lainy Ann because afterwards I drop the boys at preschool, which is about 1 mile away. Its still walkable, but its down a hill and quite frankly, I'm lazy.

It would just figure that today our local freeway was closed down for police activity. We live in a small town within 20 minutes of downtown LA. We don't have traffic. Well, we do, but it is associated with the drop-off and pick-up lane at the school, not rush hour. But we have tens of thousands of people living in our town and even more in the surrounding areas. There are two ways into and out of our town; and one was closed. So that meant that EVERY side street was gridlock.

The traffic man on the radio said, "People who normally travel this way probably think it is the end of the world." Its true. We did. Typically it takes me 2 minutes to get to preschool today it took over 20 minutes. I tried to turn down a side street which would make it quicker, but it too was gridlocked into a one-way street. I finally cut through a gas station just to avoid the traffic light, since I was going the opposite direction of traffic.

When we finally got to school Connor hollered from the back seat, "We did it!" I think it would have been faster to walk to preschool today.

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