Tuesday, October 7, 2008


Connor is in Pre-k this year. He has been asking me to teach him to read for nearly 12 months now. Last year we made the tough decision to put him in pre-k 5 days a week. In the 3 weeks he has been attending school the printing of his name has improved greatly. And today he spelled the word 'soccer'; s-o-c-r.

I'm so proud of my baby, um . . . big boy. His teacher compliments me daily on how polite and well-behaved he is. Today he was able to get a treat from the treasure box; a blue match box car. And most morning and evenings he is pestering me to do his homework. I'm really proud of him.

He has even been trying to help Lainy Ann behave in school. On our short drive to school he reminds her how to sit quietly in school. Its so cute to watch the little brother take care of the big sister.

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