Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Mr. Hanky

Just for all you South Park fans. *wink*

We are potty training William. Its been going on for about 5 weeks now. We are using the extra thick undies and I'm doing laundry DAILY. ugh Unlike the other two he will not poop in the potty. So like clockwork about 3 pm while I am stuck in the chair nursing Alexander William will poop in his underwear. So I have to put Alexander down and listen to him scream while I change William's underwear, talk about how poop goes in the potty, clean him up, find new underwear, yada, yada, yada. Same thing everyday. Oh, except for the day that he took his diaper off and pooped on the rug. (The rug is now outside waiting to be thoroughly cleaned)

Well, tonight he said "Tummy hurts" and he still hadn't pooped. So I whisked him onto the potty and I sat on the floor and I waited. I told him to try and then I grunted. So he laughed and grunted too. So then I said, no, try with your bottom. And low and behold we had poopy in the potty.

We celebrated. There was clapping and cheering. Both of the older kids came to see and then congratulated him. Then we had M&Ms. The whole time reinforcing that pooping in the potty equals candy.

Well, now he is tooling around his room an hour past bedtime. He won't sleep. Perhaps we need to do candy earlier in the day.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Knock Knock

William has been attending preschool for about 6 weeks now. He is loving it. And I am shocked about how much he has grown and learned in those few weeks. After all, he is only at school on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. At 18-months old he had absolutely no words, only noises; a car noise, uh-oh, and a few others. I hadn't even heard him say 'mama' yet. But here it is 6 months later and we have reached the will-he-ever-be-quiet phase.

He has accomplished his first real joke. And not the put-a-toy-on-my-head-and-call-it-a-hat joke. Nope, this is a mutli--step joke with variations.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Hanging Tough

Last night we had a girl's night out at the New Kids on the Block concert. It was fabulous. I am in no way saying the lyrics are well written or they are fabulous artists. Nope. It was fabulous being surrounded by 20,000 thirty-something women dressed in jeans and sensible shoes hiding their mommy-bellies. It was fabulous pretending to be 12 years old again and trying to figure out what love was about, with our only guide NKOTB. I remember listening to the hokey songs and swooning and thinking that was what love was really like. Joey McIntire was my first celebrity crush. It was just so much fun to travel down memory lane, bad P.E. clothes, awkward middle school dances in the dark smelly gym at 4 in the afternoon.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Walk to School Day

Today is National Walk to School Day and October is Walk to School Month. I was talking with friends about whether or not they would be walking to school today. With guilt I told them that although we live 4 blocks from the school I would be driving Lainy Ann because afterwards I drop the boys at preschool, which is about 1 mile away. Its still walkable, but its down a hill and quite frankly, I'm lazy.

It would just figure that today our local freeway was closed down for police activity. We live in a small town within 20 minutes of downtown LA. We don't have traffic. Well, we do, but it is associated with the drop-off and pick-up lane at the school, not rush hour. But we have tens of thousands of people living in our town and even more in the surrounding areas. There are two ways into and out of our town; and one was closed. So that meant that EVERY side street was gridlock.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008


Connor is in Pre-k this year. He has been asking me to teach him to read for nearly 12 months now. Last year we made the tough decision to put him in pre-k 5 days a week. In the 3 weeks he has been attending school the printing of his name has improved greatly. And today he spelled the word 'soccer'; s-o-c-r.

I'm so proud of my baby, um . . . big boy. His teacher compliments me daily on how polite and well-behaved he is. Today he was able to get a treat from the treasure box; a blue match box car. And most morning and evenings he is pestering me to do his homework. I'm really proud of him.

He has even been trying to help Lainy Ann behave in school. On our short drive to school he reminds her how to sit quietly in school. Its so cute to watch the little brother take care of the big sister.