Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Throw Money at It

Our baby gear lasted through 3 children. I'm actually impressed we got so much use out of it. But this time around Alexander is getting all new stuff. Last night he got his new swing; Fisher-Price Rainforest swing.

Now the main reasons for this purchase was because he isn't sleeping very long at night, when he previously was, and he is using me as his pacifier. So, the way I solve all my problems as a good consumer should, I threw money at the problem. I bought 4 different brands of pacifier and a new swing. I also couldn't wait for Caskey to get home to put the swing together, so after the big kids were in bed Alexander 'helped' me assemble it. I was very excited for him to try it out. I put him in the swing and he started grinning and laughing. So I called Caskey on the phone to tell him about how much Alexander liked the new swing. Well, Alexander started 'talking' to his animal friends on the swing. Even Caskey could hear him through the phone cooing and aahing.

*sigh* I would buy him a new toy everyday if he would get that excited about them. Oh, and it didn't help him sleep longer. LOL

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