Sunday, September 14, 2008

S'mores for Breakfast; Cake for Dinner

Happy Birthday, Connor!! Today he is four years old. It seems so grown up today, but in a few years four-years-old will seem so little.

He has really shown how grown up he has become in the last few weeks. He has been helping out William and playing with him, even taking care of him. And the love he shows for Alexander is amazing. He is always asking to hold him or rub his soft head. I wonder if he will be my babysitter. Often times out of the blue he will say "I love Alexander" or "I love you, Mommy."

Recently he wanted to to do a sack race at the public school during family picnic night, but Lainy Ann didn't. Well, Connor marched right up to the PE teacher (a stranger), along with 40 other kids, all older than him, and took part in the race. They let him start a little ahead of everyone else, but he hopped the whole way and never gave up. Cotton candy was the prize for a job well-done. Off he went again, following the bigger kids and stood in line patiently . Connor was determined, he knew what he wanted - the cotton candy - and he followed directions and got it.

Connor is so lucky this year, although he didn't get his own birthday, he got 3 different cakes. First we celebrated his birthday with William in July - I let Connor pick the spider cupcakes. Then we decided to take cupcakes to school to celebrate; those were under-the-sea cupcakes, blue with gummy fish on the top. Then, after much hunting, I FINALLY found astronaut people to put on top of the cake. Connor had requested a moon-cake, by toasting marshmallows and adding astronauts the cake looked like the surface of the moon. The bonus is that he can play with the toys afterwards.

So I was showing the kids how marshmallows expand in the heat of the oven, but it was happening too slowly. So I showed them in the microwave. Then I ate the marshmallow in a S'more, for breakfast. The kids each asked for one. My normal response is no - chocolate AND marshmallows for breakfast. Heck no! But we made a deal, they promised to play outside, so I gave them one. They I spent the next 15 minutes scrubbing down sticky faces, fingers, and chairs.

We spent the day at the fair at Crescenta Valley Park. It had been advertised as a down home county fair. It was not. There were 4 scary old carnival rides, a few carnival games (those were fun) and a bunch of booths selling stuff including massages and Christmas ornaments. But the car show was the highlight of the trip. There were about 20 different cars all shined to perfection. Caskey, Connor, Joe, and Lainy Ann wandered around looking at cars and talking about them. Then we got to vote. It was the perfect activity for our kids. They all can write numbers, so they ran from car to car looking for the number to vote for their top 4. And then there was the tree-climbing . . . . . A regular boy-birthday!

We had lunch with Melanie's family at Rocky Cola. I couldn't believe it when I asked for a table for 11. They all had ice cream and it was home for naps. After nap time they had a quick snack of moon birthday cake. I told Caskey he was in charge of dinner so he gave them a second piece. Oh my!

Can you believe that on Sunday we went to Disney's California Adventure and bought him a new plane?! The kid is definitely spoiled.

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