Saturday, September 6, 2008

I Do Not Like Green Eggs & Ham

Today was the morning we were going to make green eggs and ham (did I mention the ham had to be green too?). In the afternoon we were going to make fresh lemonade too. It would be a fun day of cooking with the kids.

As I was told yesterday the eggs were not to be scrambled. They had to be "pancakes on the bottom and mountains on the top". So I went hunting for a recipe. Green scrambled eggs would be easy, but I wasn't sure if the egg yolk would take the food coloring. I found numerous recipes for green eggs and ham, but most either made scrambled eggs, or some sort of omelet with spinach on top. I finally found a recipe for eggs over-easy. It required twice as many steps and dishes as simpled scrambled eggs would.

Of course the kids weren't content to just sit and watch tv while I was cooking, no. Alexander started screaming, Connor pushed the chair over to the stove and William started to yell eat, eat, eat. I got them all to sit at the table where the argued over which color plate they each got. The meal turned out well. I didn't burn anything and that in itself is an accomplishment.

I served Connor first; green ham and green eggs. The first thing he said was, "I don't like eggs." Ugh! What did he think it was going to be?! So then Lainy Ann wanders into the kitchen saying, "that looks gross". I make her egg, at least she likes eggs. I gesture to her plate and tell her to get it. She asks, "Well, is there ham on my plate?" (insert snotty voice). I answer, yes. She walks out of the kitchen. She decides that she isn't eating! She didn't even bother to just eat the egg. At this point I am fuming and decide William is getting scrambled eggs. At least his only complaint is that he wasn't sitting in the right chair.

I don't know if I have the energy to make lemonade now. Its so demoralizing to put extra time and effort into a meal they specifically request and then not get a thank you or any appreciation. Caskey, of course, just laughed at me and asked Connor, "So, you do not like green eggs and ham?"

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