Friday, September 5, 2008


Connor has been really enthralled with Dr. Seuss's "Green Eggs and Ham". We have the book on CD and at least once a day he puts the CD in and 'reads' his book. He has discovered that we have multiple copies of the book and has spent time collecting them all.

We went to the store together on Wednesday. As we pass by the lunch meats he screams, "HAM!! We need HAM!" he further explains that he wants me to make green eggs and ham. I agreed and we found the proper ingredients, thinking I could make green scrambled eggs. On the way home he says, "the eggs are scrambled, mommy."

Me: Oh. How do we make them?
C: They are flat like pancakes on the bottom
Me: Okay
C: And mountains on the top
C: Oh and the ham is green too.
Me: Sounds good.
C: Well, I will just show you the book when I get home.

Of course I have to see the book. He wants to make sure I do it right. I'm so pleased we have a family of perfectionists.

Lainy Ann was telling me about school.
She said, "We did easy work in our workbook today."
me: You sound angry about that.
me: What's wrong.
LA: I don't want to do EASY work. I want to do HARD work. (exasperated)
me: Did you tell your teacher that? (I really hope she didn't, especially not angrily)

Uh oh. I guess I have explaining to do at Back to School Night.

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