Tuesday, September 2, 2008


Today was the first day of school for the three big kids. Lainy Ann started at the public school; 1st grade! Connor is in pre-k in the 'big school' at our preschool and William is starting in the potty-training class. It was quite an effort to get all 6 of us dressed, breakfasted, and out of the house. We had a lot of 'gear' too - backpacks, lunch boxes, blankets, emergency forms, and pumpkin muffins for the teachers. Yup. I'm a suck up. :-)

Lainy Ann already has a friend in her class. They both went to the same Kindergarten last year. Her teacher seems very nice and is strict and a control freak. A woman after my own heart. The boys had a great time seeing her off to class. I got a wave and a "bye mom". No hugs, no tears. She is such a big girl.

Then we were off to the preschool. Connor was dropped off first and thrilled when he found 3 of his friends in the same classroom as him. He quickly started visiting with his friends and then it was time to line up to play outside. Only at the teacher's insistence did we get a hug goodbye.

William wasn't actually supposed to start school today since he is a MWF child. We were just going to drop off his supplies and forms and visit with his class again. The goal was to make his first day of school easier with fewer tears. Well, he ran away from me and was on the playground in a moment. As I was talking to his teacher I hear him yelling, "by-e, by-e". He was done with us. No tears, no hugs. We ended up leaving him at preschool for about an hour while we attended a PTA meeting at the public school.

I am no longer needed. I have raised my kids to the point that I am out of a job. William reinforces this daily, especially now that he likes to 'cook'. He has been microwaving stuff like crazy; crackers, cheese, a marker. Maybe I should polish my resume.

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