Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Princess Droppings

This summer has been rough since we all have been home and out of preschool in a too-small house with a too-cranky mommy. The kids are starting to outgrow naps, but I desperately still need one. Also, if the older kids make too much noise then William will never get to sleep. So we still enforce nap time. Although, to ensure everyone actually sleeps/rests Lainy Ann, the princess, ends up in my bedroom, which is isolated from the rest of the house. She is free to count to 300, sing, read, and make whatever noise is necessary for her to rest or even fall asleep. We have a small box of toys and books in the bedroom so she can keep entertained. Its mostly miscellaneous stuff like ribbons, a tiara, 10 legos, a pair of binoculars, 3 Little People, etc. She does a pretty good job of staying quiet and busy so the rest of us can nap. It has been working out for the most part. But when nap time is over she hightails it out of there and leaves the debris all over my bed. So each night before I can go to sleep I must clean up her highnesses mess. I collect all the books and stack them, they have usually been organized by size or color. I end up hunting for other princess droppings; barrettes under the pillows, a tiara wrapped in the sheets, and ribbons hung all over the bed. Just last night I reached under the pillows to find a handful of miniature satin roses.

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