Monday, August 4, 2008

I'm Alright

My kids are singers. They love it when I turn up the volume of their favorite songs in the car and they can just sing along. Caskey says they take after their mommy. Their favorite songs are "Manic Monday" and "Hit the Road Jack". I made a special mix CD just for them with all sorts of upbeat non-kid songs including, "Yellow Polkadot Bikini", "Yellow Submarine", "Purple People Eater", and "Sugar". It is definitely one of my favorite CDs to have on in the car and the kids are really enjoying it too.

Last Friday we were in the car and a great loud upbeat song came on the radio, "I'm Alright" by Jo Dee Messina. I turned up the volume and sang at the top of my lungs all the way down the freeway. It was such a beautiful day and my kids and I were going on a playdate. The summer has been mild here, humid, but mild and we are very lucky.

The last few weeks have been . . . . . um, what's the right word . . . . . well, I've been grumpy. I have been nesting and wanting things to get done before the baby comes and I'm too big to do it. So it has led to a lot of orders and not a lot of fun in our house. Its the last monght of my pregnancy and we all know how that goes. And since I am a planner not knowing my delivery date has kept my nerves on edge along with an emergency root canal without a valium. Its been a little stressful for me.

But it was when that song came on the radio that I realized all of that stuff is so minor and most of it is all in my head. My kids are healthy and happy, we live in a fabulous area of the country and the state, they are smart and talented and have lots of friends. We have a great support system, Caskey has a great job. I even love all of our doctors, even the dentist who gave me a root canal. So, yes, I may get cranky and demanding. I might be annoyed that there is clean laundry piled in the living room and we are out of bananas. But our cupboard is full of food and we have a credit card so we can buy more clothes. The Dickson's are Alright. And its all thanks to Caskey for giving us this great life.

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