Monday, August 4, 2008

Get out!

I'm beginning to see a pattern. My first two children are fast friends and just 18 months apart. They both came tearing into this world early (38 and 37 weeks) when my water broke. William worried me to death his entire pregnancy. Most of that was my emotional status, but at 39 weeks on the dot we induced him after several days of kick-count scares. Even after starting medication he didn't arrive for 29 hours. His personality shown through at his delivery and now he is just as worrisome and stubborn. Now here I am 39 weeks pregnant. Dr. Chan says this baby isn't coming any time soon. WHAT?!

Now we have strict rules in our family regarding living situations. Our house, our rules. As long as a child is in college they can live here. Well, I'm extending the rules to my womb. And I figure college is an education which is about learning and growing. The baby is done growing now. In fact, studies show that the closer you get to 40 weeks the higher the fetal death rate is and the baby starts to lose weight, the risk of complications goes up considerably. So, baby, get out!!!!!!

I have to admit this pregnancy has been much better than William's. Mostly because mentally I'm in a better place. The twins died nearly 3 years ago and I have had 3 live healthy births, so I feel very confident that this child will be just fine. Also he/she is a lot more active than William was at the end, so I have no concerns about kick counts or fetal distress. Aside from the pain while walking, breathing, eating, inability to do anything easily and never, ever, for a single second forgetting I am pregnant, its been a good pregnancy.

So we are scheduled to have this baby on Friday, 8/8/08; 39 1/2 weeks. I will check into the hospital just after midnight and begun the induction. It will be nice to listen to the heartbeat again. I'm also planning on taking some good books, my laptop and Nintendo DS since there will be a lot of waiting around.

Maybe this child will surprise me like the first two did and come sometime early this week. I doubt it.

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