Tuesday, July 29, 2008


William is two years old today. We have been so busy that I haven't had time to get nostalgic and weepy. And quite frankly I'm excited about what 'two' means. First off he will get to start preschool in the fall. Something he desperately wants to do, at least that's what I figure since I spent the last few weeks of school carrying him kicking and screaming to the car. And when we are at home he confiscates the kids empty lunch boxes and puts things in them and carries them around the house. He is ready. W bday dinner

William at two is very different, yet very similar to the older kids at two. He still isn't talking tons, but he has making huge strides lately. His latest words are; Grandma (d-ma), cool, milk, woohoo, baby (ba-de), and cheese. Now he is learning how to use a sentence. His most common sentences is "I want more eat please".

But he also getting into things. Its amazing how independent he is already, just like his older sister (and his mommy). Last week he opened the bathroom door, took off his diaper, peed in his tiny potty, dumped it in the toilet and washed his hands. Now if only we can get him to do that all the time. This weekend he dragged a toy over to the battery drawer, stood on it, took out a tiny screwdriver, and sat to open the battery compartment of a toy. Yesterday he got into the freezer and brought me a corn dog saying "eat, eat". So I put it in the microwave for him, well, he opened the microwave door, pushed the buttons, then he took it out, mumbled "hot, hot, hot" and walked it to the kitchen table and asked for a knife. Caskey just laughed and said, "he no longer needs you mommy." And its really true. The only reason he keeps me around is to reach the high stuff, drive the car, and hold his things.

William is sleeping in a big boy bed now, for about a month. We had to do CIO, but now he sleeps great every night. He just plays and reads quietly until he is tired. We have found him sleeping on the floor just a few times, most nights he stays in his bed. We are sort of working on potty training. He pees in the potty on command, but we keep a diaper on because clean up has been hard in my 9th month of pregnancy. I think we will really tackle it in the fall.

Both William's speech therapist and dentist would like us to get rid of the pacifier, but he still has it. It seems to not be affecting his speech, but I'm sure he will end up with an appliance in his mouth like Lainy Ann. He is also a blankie baby too - the more blankets the better. The proper blanket usage is the ragged tag held against the tip of his nose with the pacifier in his mouth. He is so cute and so comforted by it, why take it away.

I'm looking forward to this next year of his life; potty training, school, the leaps and bounds he will make in speech, and all the things I can't possibly imagine. I have found that each year brings so many exciting surprises. I can't wait to get to know William even more. W ice cream The second year in a row where "Happy Birthday to You" is followed by tears. I'm starting to wonder if he is afraid of fire . . . . .

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