Monday, July 28, 2008

Inductions for Society

I used to think that ladies who were induced prior to 40 weeks for non-medical reasons couldn't "hack it". That somehow they were getting off easy by only being pregnant for 38 weeks.

But after a trip to Costco today I realized that OBs who induce are doing society a favor. They are taking cranky pregnant women off the streets and making society a better place to live.

I went to Costco kidless today, a very rare and special treat. I am now 38-weeks pregnant with #4. Everything hurts and I am having some pretty good contractions that are nowhere near regular. It takes me forever to walk and often times I have to stop and breath because of the sciatica or contractions. Its not fun. And its hot and unusually humid.

So I went to the Glendale Costco which is ALWAYS busy and has terrible parking. There was one spot open near the front. I was shocked. Then I realized why; "Babies R Us STORK Parking". It is for expectant mothers going to Babies R Us. So I stopped and contemplated taking the spot; no one would know if I didn't go to Babies R Us. Or maybe I could stop in and buy a pack of receiving blankets. I finally decided that although I definitely need stork parking I am not going to Babies R Us so I should park in the regular spots.

So I find an empty spot about 3/4 of the way down the aisle. And as I am waddling my belly down the row a lady pulls into that empty Stork spot. I think its cute that we both have the same minivan and we are both pregnant, so I steal a glance at her. I realize she is older than my mother. There is NO WAY she is pregnant. But just to make sure I walk next to her car where she starts to busy herself with her cell phone. Nope, not pregnant. But her windows are down. . . . . . Did I mention that I am cranky, things hurt and its hot and humid?

So I not so politely tell her that her spot is for pregnant ladies. I gesture at the sign. She pretends to ignore me, acting busy with her cell phone. There aren't even children or car seats in her car. So I finally say, "this is a spot for someone like me. (gesturing to my swollen belly) For pregnant ladies!"

I was not polite at all. And my only saving grace is that my children were not there to witness me yelling at a stranger. I realized that my OB will be doing society a favor by inducing me and taking me and those around me, out of their misery. So next time you see an OB thank them for making our world a nicer place.

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