Thursday, July 3, 2008

I Have a Problem

My problem will only be cured by having a baby girl in six short weeks. I have had my share of boys, four in a row to be exact. I have girl's names bubbling up in my dreams. I can't wait to buy pink and frilly again. This problem has existed for two years now. When baby Madelynn was born I lived vicariously through my best friend. I shopped sale racks and bought her new clothes whenever there was a 'deal' I couldn't pass up. At least that's what I told her mother. The truth is that whenever I felt the need to buy girl clothes I would find something adorable that I would love I bought it. Sometimes I would buy it in several sizes.

Just recently I couldn't find our "18 months girls" clothing bin. And Maddie has been in need of a bathing suit. We have been doing water play every day in the front yard with the little ones naked. But soon we will be attending the community toddler pool, just 18 inches deep. Its great fun for the kids. So I caved and bought her two of the most adorable bathing suits. I had to. Well, I could have searched for Lainy Ann's old bathing suits, but it was so much cheaper and fun to just buy new ones.

Well, now Melanie is off to the hospital. Hopefully, to give birth to Madelynn's baby sister. I told her to just go and not worry about clothing for the kids. I had plenty of stuff, even if Maddie had to wear boys clothes. I went to the closet to find bottles and I found the "18 month girls" bin. I opened it up and found 3 like-new bathing suits and other adorable things I remember Lainy Ann wearing. So I pulled out three cute outfits for her to wear while she is with us.

I feel badly for Madelynn and her new sister. I hope for their sake that our new baby is a girl. Or else I will be dragging Lainy Ann, Maddie, and the new sister to all the malls to find adorable pink frilly things.

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