Monday, July 28, 2008

Happy Birthday Boys!

connor bday

For the first time we had a birthday party outside our home. Usually we have home parties where I clean like crazy for two weeks, spend the entire morning of the party haranguing my husband to finish up the last few items on the list (paint the house, build a hand-rail, re-landscape the yard, etc). I end up exhausted at the party trying to remember what everyone needs, prepare food, find extra napkins, clean up spills, and take pictures. I end up having dozens of interrupted conversations with our friends as I greet another guest or start the next craft project.

kids bday 2

I decided last year that I would have a party at a party place when the boys were to turn two and four years old. I decided on The Little Gym mostly because I like how the party hosts keep the kids so busy. There are tons of games and activities and when the party is over the kids are sweaty and exhausted.

spider cupcakes

We decided on a bug/insect theme because that seems to be Connor's favorite past-time right now, hunting for bugs. We bought little bug catchers complete with magnifying glass and tweezers and put a big fake bug inside as party favors. Food was easy too. We ordered pizza, had a veggie tray and drinks. Instead of doing a large cake we did individual bug cupcakes - ladybugs, spiders, and caterpillars.

bug cupcakes

In all we spent $300 for the party place, about $70 for food and drinks, and $30 for party favors. I have to say as a 38-week pregnant lady it was a lot more enjoyable to sit back for two-hours, visit with parents, snap a few pictures, and watch the kids have a blast.

kids playing bday

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