Thursday, July 3, 2008

Child Proof Gate STILL not Child Proof

William showed signs of being ready to sleep in a big boy bed many months ago, April to be exact. But we were scheduled to go on vacation to Georgia and I didn't want to transition him to a bed, back to a crib for the trip, and then back to a bed when we got home. Then in May we moved into my mother's house for 2 weeks. I couldn't have him wandering around the house at night, especially since he learned to unlock and open the door after just two days there, so into a playpen/crib he stayed.

Then when we came back home in June I really wanted to move him, especially since we would be having a baby in just a few months. But I wanted to put the doorway gate in front of his door so he wouldn't be able to wander the house at night. It was currently being used in the kitchen to keep the kids out of the construction zone. Once the kitchen was tidied it still wasn't childproofed, so we left the gate up. Mostly to keep him from endlessly emptying drawers, sliding the chair to the stove to help himself and opening the freezer to eat "iieh" (ice) and popsicles.

Today William (23 months) and Maddie (19 months) were running around the house with both baby gates up since the stove was in use. I hear William and/or Maddie fussing with the gate. Its a common noise in this house, someone always seems to be fooling with it; closing, opening, or just trying. But as I head to the back bedroom I hear, "Mama, in". I went to investigate and sure enough William had opened the not child-proof gate and he and Maddie were running wild and climbing onto the table.

I'm kind of in awe that he was able to open it. He employed the same method as his brother and sister did, but he is significantly lighter than they were. I'm just glad we have already transfered him to his big boy bed. To keep him in his room we have put a door knob cover on the inside of his room. Fortunately he doesn't have the dexterity to open it, yet.

UPDATE: It seems the gate was jammed. YAY!!! Caskey was able to fix it and William is once again locked out of the kitchen. That means no tiny ice puddles on the floor to step in. But now he is enjoying letting himself into the bathroom and playing with the water at the sink. *sigh*

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