Monday, July 28, 2008

Baby = Kryptonite

My best friend had her baby girl about 3 days ago. Our big plan for the summer was to hang out at my house so the kids had playmates and the moms had someone to help and chat with. Its been a lot of fun. Even more fun now that there is a newborn in the home.

I'm sure I have mentioned that I am very pregnant. Nevertheless, holding her tiny infant still gives me baby-fever. How is it that I have baby-fever just holding someones newborn. I certainly can't get pregnant and have another child since I am already pregnant. In fact, I will be having my own newborn in a few short weeks.

So my friend tells me that the baby is up all night, gassy and has to be switched to soy formula. I groan thinking about all those new baby things that are so draining. But then the baby fusses. I hold her tiny pink body and she cuddles against me. *sigh* She is so sweet. My heart melts. The baby-fever sets in again. Babies are my weakness as kryptonite is to Superman.

Its amazing how women were created. The sight and smell of a tiny newborn makes the strongest of women coo and aah. Each time I have introduced one of our children to great-grandma she just clucks and says, "Hand that baby right over to me and you go rest". Its only because I nurse that I get to hold my child. But I don't mind because I know one day not too far in the future I will need to hold someone else's baby to get that 'fix'.

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