Tuesday, July 29, 2008


William is two years old today. We have been so busy that I haven't had time to get nostalgic and weepy. And quite frankly I'm excited about what 'two' means. First off he will get to start preschool in the fall. Something he desperately wants to do, at least that's what I figure since I spent the last few weeks of school carrying him kicking and screaming to the car. And when we are at home he confiscates the kids empty lunch boxes and puts things in them and carries them around the house. He is ready. W bday dinner

William at two is very different, yet very similar to the older kids at two. He still isn't talking tons, but he has making huge strides lately. His latest words are; Grandma (d-ma), cool, milk, woohoo, baby (ba-de), and cheese. Now he is learning how to use a sentence. His most common sentences is "I want more eat please".

Monday, July 28, 2008

Baby = Kryptonite

My best friend had her baby girl about 3 days ago. Our big plan for the summer was to hang out at my house so the kids had playmates and the moms had someone to help and chat with. Its been a lot of fun. Even more fun now that there is a newborn in the home.

I'm sure I have mentioned that I am very pregnant. Nevertheless, holding her tiny infant still gives me baby-fever. How is it that I have baby-fever just holding someones newborn. I certainly can't get pregnant and have another child since I am already pregnant. In fact, I will be having my own newborn in a few short weeks.

So my friend tells me that the baby is up all night, gassy and has to be switched to soy formula. I groan thinking about all those new baby things that are so draining. But then the baby fusses. I hold her tiny pink body and she cuddles against me. *sigh* She is so sweet. My heart melts. The baby-fever sets in again. Babies are my weakness as kryptonite is to Superman.

Happy Birthday Boys!

connor bday

For the first time we had a birthday party outside our home. Usually we have home parties where I clean like crazy for two weeks, spend the entire morning of the party haranguing my husband to finish up the last few items on the list (paint the house, build a hand-rail, re-landscape the yard, etc). I end up exhausted at the party trying to remember what everyone needs, prepare food, find extra napkins, clean up spills, and take pictures. I end up having dozens of interrupted conversations with our friends as I greet another guest or start the next craft project.

kids bday 2

Inductions for Society

I used to think that ladies who were induced prior to 40 weeks for non-medical reasons couldn't "hack it". That somehow they were getting off easy by only being pregnant for 38 weeks.

But after a trip to Costco today I realized that OBs who induce are doing society a favor. They are taking cranky pregnant women off the streets and making society a better place to live.

Friday, July 18, 2008

A Conflicting Message

A tirade at bedtime tonight from Lainy Ann:

LA: "I hate you. You are a mean meanie! Its so unfair (that she has to sleep in my bed because she was talking with Connor). I'm never going to sleep. I'm going to use all your pillows and never give them back again."

Me: "Do you want a kiss?"

LA: "well, yes." "But you are the meanest mommy ever!"


Thursday, July 3, 2008

Child Proof Gate STILL not Child Proof

William showed signs of being ready to sleep in a big boy bed many months ago, April to be exact. But we were scheduled to go on vacation to Georgia and I didn't want to transition him to a bed, back to a crib for the trip, and then back to a bed when we got home. Then in May we moved into my mother's house for 2 weeks. I couldn't have him wandering around the house at night, especially since he learned to unlock and open the door after just two days there, so into a playpen/crib he stayed.

I Have a Problem

My problem will only be cured by having a baby girl in six short weeks. I have had my share of boys, four in a row to be exact. I have girl's names bubbling up in my dreams. I can't wait to buy pink and frilly again. This problem has existed for two years now. When baby Madelynn was born I lived vicariously through my best friend. I shopped sale racks and bought her new clothes whenever there was a 'deal' I couldn't pass up. At least that's what I told her mother. The truth is that whenever I felt the need to buy girl clothes I would find something adorable that I would love I bought it. Sometimes I would buy it in several sizes.