Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Thank You, Baskin Robbins

Well, its been a rough few weeks. When I read back on this blog in a few weeks I will think it was silly for even posting it, because the reality is I am very lucky. Our family is happy and healthy. Caskey is on break for the summer. We don't have the catastrophic worries of the people in the midwest. Caskey's job is safe. We are very fortunate.

But sometimes the little things get to you. To start off I am now 33 weeks pregnant. It still a while until I give birth, but saying I am 'uncomfortable' is no longer accurate. Its more like something hurts no matter what I do. My hips are starting to give out, after a nice nap by back hurts, its takes me several minutes to go from sitting to standing which is putting a real damper on dashing after William when he is getting into things, oh, and I am having a hard time breathing. Pregnancy symptoms alone are making me cranky.

Let's add to that an entire week of 100+ degree weather. The kids want to play outside, but its to hot. I want to stay cool and rest, but the air conditioning isn't keeping up. So we have been taking the kids to McDonald's to play or to the mall to run around. But that's creating a different host of problems, see above restrictions in movement.

And the biggest issue of all. I'M NESTING!!!!!! I don't want to. I'm tired. I want to rest. But I can't. So I have spent the last few days researching and buying a new washer and dryer (the old one was taking 3 hours to dry a load of laundry), hiring a plumber to retrofit our plumbing for the modern washer, sorting about 20 boxes of archived files, scheduling a shredder service to come out and destroy the old documents, doing 6 loads of laundry, taking the kids swimming, to speech, to the library, to the Y, spending a ton of money at Costco, politicking with the regional center, and transitioning William to a big boy bed, and researching and buying a large freezer for our soon to be family of 6. I'm trying to ignore the other "piles" and "to do's" in the house. Caskey is still working on finishing up the kitchen, its nearly done.

I'm just worn out. I would love to have a big meal and relax and enjoy it, but that would require finding a babysitter who isn't about to have a baby or having Caskey watch the kids instead of finishing up the last few kitchen details. Oh, and I can no longer eat a big meal. I should have mentioned that and the heartburn in my above laundry list of pregnancy symptoms.

So last night I splurged. I got my favorite meal, which gives me a ton of heartburn, KFC chicken strips and mashed potatoes, and then an even bigger splurge. I bought an ice cream cake at Baskin Robbins. My initial goal was to get a clown head (an upside down ice cream cone with icing for the face), but they have so many new ice cream options - big ones for $30 and a small 2 person cake for $13. So there is a tiny ice cream cake (well, half a cake) waiting in the freezer for me later today when I need another pick me up.

Ugh! I'm off to chase after William again, who this time has climbed onto the large desk to make phone calls and play with the scissors. If you have a child who climbs, my deepest sympathies are with you.

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