Thursday, June 12, 2008

My Funny Guy(s)

We bought a few new things at Target yesterday; boring stuff, jammies, underwear, swim trunks, swim suits, normal stuff. Last night while I was tucking the kids into bed Lainy Ann was exclaiming about how much she liked her new jammies.

LA: "And they don't have sleeves, mommy!"
Me: "Wow. I am glad you like them."
Connor: "Mommy, my underwear doesn't have sleeves either." As he dissolved into giggles.

He then repeated his 'punch-line' several times to make sure I heard his funny joke. I gave him a half-hearted laugh and tucked them both into bed.

Later that night as I relayed the conversation to Caskey I had de-ja-vue as he guffawed at his son's cleverness. There is no doubt who Connor resembles.

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