Thursday, June 26, 2008

I'm Ready, Almost

In May we started getting ready, well, actually March. We ordered all the cabinets, picked out flooring and countertops. In April we ordered new appliances and in May I moved into my mother's house. The kitchen is nearly done, sort of. But it is functional and I'm able to cook for the family. The kids love the new open space and I love that they can get their own snacks and drinks of water. Its working out really well for us.

So then I tackled the large piles of "stuff" all around the house. I sorted through 20 boxes of archived files to separate into three piles; keep, recycle, shred. The shredder service is coming on Friday and we will be getting rid of LOTS of boxes of files from 1999. YAY! Then we are getting rid of a very nice and very large four-drawer filing cabinet. More space for toys and baby gear will be available soon.

This week the focus was the laundry room. Although I would still love to paint the room, put in flooring and a new lighting fixture I will settle for the brand-new washer and dryer and freezer. We reorganized the room (which means throwing stuff away) and it is a lot more accessible now.

In between all the cleaning, sorting and throwing away William has learned to sleep in his bed. He loves being in his big bed, but unfortunately it means he is waking earlier. Oh well. He looks so tiny in a twin sized bed, but now the crib is available for the baby.

By next week we should have regained a lot of space in our home. So I am almost ready for this baby to come. I have a few weeks left to tackle the mess outside (anyone want free DJ equipment from 1990?) and put the crib together in our bedroom. Oh, I can't forget the newborn clothes . . . . I wonder where they are.

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