Monday, June 30, 2008

I'm baking

I am currently baking puff pastries from Trader Joes in the middle of the morning when it will be near 90 degrees this afternoon. Ordinarily I would never even turn my oven on if it was going to be over 80 degrees. But we have been without a good oven for months. The last several months my oven has baked the food leaving the top undercooked or burning the bottom. Try making a birthday cake under those circumstances. I almost bought Lainy Ann a birthday cake this year.

But here I sit waiting 22 minutes for my snack. I can't really smell them as they are cooking because of the industrial smell in the house. But I'm not alarmed because its common for a brand new oven to give off a scent like that. That's right. I have a BRAND NEW RANGE. I'm so excited.

This whole process was decided in a few days time, almost impulsively. We have been talking about remodeling the kitchen since the day we moved it. But as the refrigerator started to hum strangely and give off an odor we knew the time was coming near. The oven was the next to go. It just made sense to replace the worn flooring, apartment style cabinets, and cracked counter tops.

We checked pricing, schedules and calendars and made the scary decision to order the cabinets. We decided to save time and money by Caskey doing most of the work. The work he wasn't able to do we were able to hire or ask friends to help.

Three weeks ago the kids and I moved into my mother's home for 2 weeks. Mostly because everything from the kitchen had to be stored in the living room. We had already been storing the cabinets in the kids bedrooms. But having a small pathway from the front door to the kitchen wasn't going to work for the whole family. Poor Caskey was left behind to do all the hard work.

This isn't an accurate photo of the entire kitchen because the fridge and breakfast bar aren't in the picture.

Before demolition
kitchen before

kitchen cabinets

almost done kitchen

kitchen almost done

kitchen paint

C painting K


  1. Amazing. What a beautiful kitchen and wonderful use of the space!!! Enjoy!

  2. I love your new kitchen. Have fun!