Monday, June 23, 2008

Hunters and Gatherers

I am just shocked time and time again the innate differences between boys and girls. I have heard the argument of nature versus nurture and long, long ago before I had children I really believed it was the fault of mothers who gave their daughters dolls and fathers who played trucks with sons.

Now I know differently. And once again my children taught me how their personalities and differences were there on the day they were born. No amount of dolls or trucks would have changed their nature.

Joe and Connor were playing outside in the sprinkler in this 100 degree weather. I don't know how the rules or decisions were made, but they took turns spraying each other with the sprinkler. One would stand over the sprinkler and the other would stop the water by bending the hose. Surprisingly there were no arguments over 'my turn' and they played nicely (yet loudly) together for 30 minutes.

A while later they both ran inside yelling and screaming about a bee. Connor excitedly relayed his story to Caskey while Joe delicately held their prize in an old plastic Easter egg. Caskey felt this story was important enough that the mothers had to hear it first hand.

Apparently the two boys worked together to catch a bee (they used a spatula and captured it in the egg). Then they put lots of water on it and killed it. Joe proudly displayed their prize, a bee, broken in half next to a piece of grass. They were so proud of their conquest. I am so nervous of what other things they will be capturing this summer. Eight weeks is a long time for two boys to work together . . . . I'm just glad Caskey will be around to deal with the fall-out.

So Lainy Ann chimes in, "we should bury it so it can go to heaven." So outside Caskey and Lainy Ann tromp to get the bee buried. These traits certainly are innate.

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