Thursday, June 19, 2008

Graduation Etiquette

Today we were seated in the cheerleader section at graduation. The boys seated in front of us yelled, "Yay" and hollered out their siblings names through out the entire ceremony. At any other event this would be mildly annoying as you sat through the numerous speakers and countless graduates. But this event only lasted 20 minutes and the graduates numbered 14. But they were the bet Kindergarten graduates ever (well, until Connor, William and baby #4 graduate). The boys sitting in front of us are three years old and all attend the same preschool class. They are fast-friends as are the older siblings. Normally the hooting and hollering would annoy, but not this time. It was adorable to listen to these boys, so infatuated and proud. And they equally supported each child. Connor hooted and hollered for the other siblings, as they other boys yelled and cheered on Lainy Ann.

It has been a great year with four families with children in both Miss Nydia's class and Miss Vicki's class. We have entire conversations about the kids including things like "my Gregory" and "my Matthew". At birthday parties we have invited siblings too and that has really given them a chance to bond. Its been heartwarming.

Some of the grandparents tried to 'shush' the kids, like somehow three-year-olds yelling at a kindergarten graduation in a parking lot was inappropriate, but it was just perfect. It was befitting of the situation and the relationships these eight children have fostered over the school year.
LA graduation
When I look back on this day years from now I will remember my proud little girl in her blue cap and gown, standing tall and reciting her lines. I will remember the flower and button Caskey and I received as thanks for "giving her a new doll". I will remember her 'monkey-girl' poster and essay of what she wants to be when she grows up (a baby monkey, because they are cute). But I will also remember the love those little boys have for their sisters and brother. Its amazing to me that these little bodies can contain so much love and pride.

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