Friday, June 27, 2008


July 2015 I'm going on vacation. It may be a permanent vacation. It will definitely be an extended vacation and I am likely going alone.

The last two days have given me a glimpse into the preteen girl years ahead of us. First she came home from YMCA Summer Camp wearing nail polish. Something that is not allowed in our home at the young age of five. So we had to have a long talk about age appropriate behavior and how she can still be pretty and have pretty things that are for children and that nail polish was for grown up kids. Then she sobbed while I removed her nail polish. I explained to her that she wasn't in trouble, but she was sad nonetheless. She then went up into her bunk bed and cried, no, sobbed, for 20 minutes. Connor was introduced to his moody sister and didn't understand why she was ignoring him and being mean. She finally stopped crying long enough to say she wanted to go straight to bed.

Today was another rough day. Quite honestly I think it is the combination of no nap/rest time at summer camp, having to much sugar at camp, going to the zoo, and getting up too early. She ended up getting hit by the shopping cart tonight at Target. I'm sure it hurt. I have caught my heel on a shopping cart too, its not fun. But she threw herself to the floor screaming and sobbing hysterically. I am very grateful Caskey was there. The boys and I continued shopping while he examined her ankle. For a bit she was crying so loudly I thought we were going to end up at the ER. Nope. She is just super tired. She then cried the rest of the way home - 45 minutes including check out time. Then said, "I haven't had any fun today." Did I mention she went to the LA Zoo, went out to Red Robin for dinner, and got a new craft project at Target? Yup. That was all boring.

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