Monday, June 2, 2008

"Prince and Princess"

The kids have been playing a new game the last few days "Prince and Princess". It appears to be a royal version of 'house'. Lainy Ann is the princess (of course), Connor is the prince, and William is the cat (at least they are including him).

Connor has to go to work. He gets on the trike and rides a little ways off from their 'home'. Lainy Ann yells at him, "Where are you going?" He yells back, annoyed, "TO WORK!" She responds, "But you aren't going anywhere?!" Connor, still angry, "I'm stuck in traffic". It is definitely a classic game of 'house'.

Later in the game Lainy Ann begins instructing the two boys on making a cake. Her instructions are clearly not enough as she fetches a paper and tells them to wait as she writes out the following recipe.

1 - Put the ingedis in the blow
2 - Put the flowers in the blow
3 - Stre the batr
4 - Put the batr in the oving
5 - take the cake oui of the oving

Then they were ready to collect the flowers from the yard, mostly dandelions. Lainy Ann instructed that they would need a lot and were going to need some help. So she pretended to call her school friends and told them to come over to help collect flowers. Connor, however, called Handy Manny to help him.

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