Monday, June 30, 2008

I'm baking

I am currently baking puff pastries from Trader Joes in the middle of the morning when it will be near 90 degrees this afternoon. Ordinarily I would never even turn my oven on if it was going to be over 80 degrees. But we have been without a good oven for months. The last several months my oven has baked the food leaving the top undercooked or burning the bottom. Try making a birthday cake under those circumstances. I almost bought Lainy Ann a birthday cake this year.

But here I sit waiting 22 minutes for my snack. I can't really smell them as they are cooking because of the industrial smell in the house. But I'm not alarmed because its common for a brand new oven to give off a scent like that. That's right. I have a BRAND NEW RANGE. I'm so excited.

This whole process was decided in a few days time, almost impulsively. We have been talking about remodeling the kitchen since the day we moved it. But as the refrigerator started to hum strangely and give off an odor we knew the time was coming near. The oven was the next to go. It just made sense to replace the worn flooring, apartment style cabinets, and cracked counter tops.

We checked pricing, schedules and calendars and made the scary decision to order the cabinets. We decided to save time and money by Caskey doing most of the work. The work he wasn't able to do we were able to hire or ask friends to help.

Three weeks ago the kids and I moved into my mother's home for 2 weeks. Mostly because everything from the kitchen had to be stored in the living room. We had already been storing the cabinets in the kids bedrooms. But having a small pathway from the front door to the kitchen wasn't going to work for the whole family. Poor Caskey was left behind to do all the hard work.

This isn't an accurate photo of the entire kitchen because the fridge and breakfast bar aren't in the picture.

Before demolition
kitchen before

kitchen cabinets

almost done kitchen

kitchen almost done

kitchen paint

C painting K

Friday, June 27, 2008


July 2015 I'm going on vacation. It may be a permanent vacation. It will definitely be an extended vacation and I am likely going alone.

The last two days have given me a glimpse into the preteen girl years ahead of us. First she came home from YMCA Summer Camp wearing nail polish. Something that is not allowed in our home at the young age of five. So we had to have a long talk about age appropriate behavior and how she can still be pretty and have pretty things that are for children and that nail polish was for grown up kids. Then she sobbed while I removed her nail polish. I explained to her that she wasn't in trouble, but she was sad nonetheless. She then went up into her bunk bed and cried, no, sobbed, for 20 minutes. Connor was introduced to his moody sister and didn't understand why she was ignoring him and being mean. She finally stopped crying long enough to say she wanted to go straight to bed.

10 loads

I got a new Washer and Dryer on Wednesday at 3 pm. Today is Friday. We have had it less than 48 hours and have already completed 10 loads of laundry. Can you believe it?! If anyone is a candidate for two sets of washers and dryers it is definitely our family. I haven't even used the steam, delicate or kids wear features yet.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

I'm Ready, Almost

In May we started getting ready, well, actually March. We ordered all the cabinets, picked out flooring and countertops. In April we ordered new appliances and in May I moved into my mother's house. The kitchen is nearly done, sort of. But it is functional and I'm able to cook for the family. The kids love the new open space and I love that they can get their own snacks and drinks of water. Its working out really well for us.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Thelma and Louise/Lucy and Ethel

That's what Caskey calls us. I call her my best friend. I truly cannot live without her in my daily life. We make at least 4 phone calls a day to each other, each one interrupted with a string of "can't you see I'm on the phone, don't hit your sister, yes you have to eat ALL of your dinner" and various other motherly sayings. But in between all that parenting we triumph in each other's successes, give advice when we have problems, and become angered and hurt for the other on bad days. We talk about everything, well almost everything, some things are better left between husband and wife. And we know that each of us tells our husbands everything. Regardless of how important we are in each other's lives, our husbands come first. In fact, half of our phone calls end in, "My husband is home/just called I have to go". The other half end in "Oh no, what happened, (to a child) I have to go."

Thank You, Baskin Robbins

Well, its been a rough few weeks. When I read back on this blog in a few weeks I will think it was silly for even posting it, because the reality is I am very lucky. Our family is happy and healthy. Caskey is on break for the summer. We don't have the catastrophic worries of the people in the midwest. Caskey's job is safe. We are very fortunate.

But sometimes the little things get to you. To start off I am now 33 weeks pregnant. It still a while until I give birth, but saying I am 'uncomfortable' is no longer accurate. Its more like something hurts no matter what I do. My hips are starting to give out, after a nice nap by back hurts, its takes me several minutes to go from sitting to standing which is putting a real damper on dashing after William when he is getting into things, oh, and I am having a hard time breathing. Pregnancy symptoms alone are making me cranky.

Monday, June 23, 2008

Hunters and Gatherers

I am just shocked time and time again the innate differences between boys and girls. I have heard the argument of nature versus nurture and long, long ago before I had children I really believed it was the fault of mothers who gave their daughters dolls and fathers who played trucks with sons.

Now I know differently. And once again my children taught me how their personalities and differences were there on the day they were born. No amount of dolls or trucks would have changed their nature.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Graduation Etiquette

Today we were seated in the cheerleader section at graduation. The boys seated in front of us yelled, "Yay" and hollered out their siblings names through out the entire ceremony. At any other event this would be mildly annoying as you sat through the numerous speakers and countless graduates. But this event only lasted 20 minutes and the graduates numbered 14. But they were the bet Kindergarten graduates ever (well, until Connor, William and baby #4 graduate). The boys sitting in front of us are three years old and all attend the same preschool class. They are fast-friends as are the older siblings. Normally the hooting and hollering would annoy, but not this time. It was adorable to listen to these boys, so infatuated and proud. And they equally supported each child. Connor hooted and hollered for the other siblings, as they other boys yelled and cheered on Lainy Ann.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Spacing Children

Every once in a while I am left alone with just Lainy Ann and William. This time it was because Connor and Daddy had a boy errand to do; going to the auto parts store. (I'm still not sure what they plan on spray painting black . . . . . )

I just finished the bedtime routine. It was a piece of cake. I can't believe how easy it was. Lainy Ann can do almost everything herself and by the time she was done with her shower William was tucked into bed. Now she is sitting (semi) quietly doing her homework by herself.

Now I understand why most people have three years between their kids. Do you think I can keep this baby in for another 12 months?

My Funny Guy(s)

We bought a few new things at Target yesterday; boring stuff, jammies, underwear, swim trunks, swim suits, normal stuff. Last night while I was tucking the kids into bed Lainy Ann was exclaiming about how much she liked her new jammies.

LA: "And they don't have sleeves, mommy!"
Me: "Wow. I am glad you like them."
Connor: "Mommy, my underwear doesn't have sleeves either." As he dissolved into giggles.

He then repeated his 'punch-line' several times to make sure I heard his funny joke. I gave him a half-hearted laugh and tucked them both into bed.

Later that night as I relayed the conversation to Caskey I had de-ja-vue as he guffawed at his son's cleverness. There is no doubt who Connor resembles.

Monday, June 2, 2008

"Prince and Princess"

The kids have been playing a new game the last few days "Prince and Princess". It appears to be a royal version of 'house'. Lainy Ann is the princess (of course), Connor is the prince, and William is the cat (at least they are including him).

Connor has to go to work. He gets on the trike and rides a little ways off from their 'home'. Lainy Ann yells at him, "Where are you going?" He yells back, annoyed, "TO WORK!" She responds, "But you aren't going anywhere?!" Connor, still angry, "I'm stuck in traffic". It is definitely a classic game of 'house'.