Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Hot Shower

Caskey has been taking his EMT classes for the last several weeks. That has left me home alone Monday through Friday from 7 am until Midnight. I have been grabbing 5 minute showers while the kids are watching television and the 'climber' is buckled into his high chair.

But Caskey has finished his classes, his exams, and completed his screenings. In fact, he has finished his "day job" too - Loyola's Graduation was on Saturday morning. That means extra help around the house. YAY! Saturday all I wanted was a hot meal and a hot shower. Since Caskey was home I could take a nice leisurely shower without the screams and fights that usually occur during my shower. Or the inevitable knock at the door, "Mommy, I have to use the bathroom."

My shower started great. The floor was clean of debris. Usually there is an army of rubber ducks, cups, and spoons on the floor of the shower. So even before my shower begins I have to bend down (which is becoming more and more difficult as I am 6 months pregnant) and move everything. Usually I just shove a few out of my way so there is room for my foot. And in the process I end up kicking over an ice cold 42 oz cup of water. But not today. Today felt like a luxury spa. The shower was empty of toys.

I had just purchased luxury shampoo and I was enjoying my 15 minutes of peace. Until I heard the kids yelling through the bathroom window. "We're hungry. Can we go yet?!" I answered a few of their questions about when we were leaving and where we were going and then told them to go play. I had about half a shower left to enjoy.

Then the I'm-going-to-die-wail began. I hate this cry. It rarely means he is injured and to-date it has never meant he is going to die. This cry comes out when Lainy Ann is bullying him and he isn't getting his way. Again I am hollering through the window, this time with the added threat of, "if I can't take my shower, we can't go out to dinner." A threat I do NOT want to follow through with.

Caskey intervened and fixed whatever issue that was causing the commotion. My shower was nearly done. I could have just stood under the hot water for fun, but frankly I was getting hungry. So I rinsed off and got out. I realized my shower wasn't all that bad. After all, I was going to be able to get dresses semi-uninterrupted. It was just a new kind of luxurious shower, a Luxury Mommy Shower.

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