Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Milestones I Didn't Count On

It seems Kindergarten has been a big year for Lainy Ann. Not only has she learned to read, do addition and subtraction, she has gotten her dental appliance removed and wears glasses in school. She just recently got a dramatic haircut too! But the next two months will have the scariest of milestones, for me; an alone playdate, Kindergarten graduation, and Summer Camp. This coming Saturday Lainy Ann has been invited to a birthday party. Unfortunately, Caskey and I have plans that evening as he is receiving an award in connection to his SELP degree. Our babysitter, Melanie, would be happy to take Lainy Ann, but as the previous blog states we don't have a car that will fit all the kids. So that meant finding someone else to take Lainy Ann to the party.

All of our regular drivers were busy, so now we are stepping outside of our comfort zone. We have had a few playdates with one mother in particular. Her son and Lainy Ann get along well and our parenting styles match well. In fact, if its possible, she is stricter than me. Now that is surprising. So she will be picking up Lainy Ann, traveling to Burbank for a birthday party, and then bringing her home. She has a very safe car. And I'm not concerned with her loosing Lainy Ann, so why am I so nervous?

I thought about it for a few days and I finally figured it out. I'm worried about the strange-it-will-never-happen circumstances, like the building catching on fire or an airplane landing on the freeway, and quite frankly that feeling hasn't gone away since we drove her home from the hospital five years ago. But I'm also concerned about Lainy Ann's behavior. She can be demanding, loud, and rambunctious at times - in other words, she is a kid. But I worry that she is going to demand drive-thru after the party or some other absurd request. Its such a silly concern, but Lainy Ann is leaving this house without me to qualify her behavior. She is representing our family and us as parents. So I guess my worries are more about me than her.

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