Sunday, April 20, 2008

Beating the System

Most airlines have a rule that says luggage can be no more than 50 lbs. However, each person is allowed to check 2 pieces of luggage. So when I flew to GA with my 3 ticketed kids I was allowed to have 8 pieces of luggage checked. Well, there was no way I was going to be able to manage 8 pieces of checked luggage, 4 carry-ons, and 3 kids. So I took our biggest suitcase on wheels, its about the size of Lainy Ann, and one small toiletry bag. I also checked 2 boosters. So in all I had 4 pieces to check, but only one suitcase. Well, if you shove clothes for 4 people for 5 days into it, plus diapers, blankets, loveys, and bottles it is bound to be over 50 lbs. 55 lbs to be exact. Well, I thought I would just pay the overage fee. Until I found out it was $80! For that price I could go buy a new cheapo bag from target and just check another bag (or two). We managed to move some things around and put some stuff in my mother's underweight bag.

But for our return flight we beat the system. We went to the post office on Thursday morning and paid for a first class express mail box for $13. I stuffed it full of coloring books, board books, and 2 lbs of pancake mix from Cracker Barrel (YUM). It was just enough weight that all of our bags were under 50 lbs and I received the package on Saturday. It was great. The kids didn't notice that they were missing about 15 books and we were able to say under that magic 50 lb number.

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