Sunday, April 20, 2008

Atlanta Zoo a Nice Surprise

I have to be perfectly honest. I was not looking forward to going to the Atlanta Zoo. I had heard that it wasn't that great, I looked online and found that it was significantly smaller than the LA Zoo, and it was about twice the price. Being pregnant it didn't seem like a fun way to spend the day; walking around seeing animals we have seen before to the tune of $18 for adults and $13 for kids. Especially since we have a pass to the LA Zoo.

But my mom told me to be nice and it was the one thing Aunt Allyson wanted to do with us, so I was. And we were very pleasantly surprised! For starters I presented my LA Zoo pass at the ticket window and got all of our tickets for 50% off! I guess it never hurts to ask. YAY!!!

Secondly, this zoo is flat. Those who don't live in Los Angeles don't realize this, but almost all of LA is on a mountain or hill. Our backyard is 20 feet below our front door. Most parks out here are 2 or 3 levels. And our zoo is no different. It is quite a hike to the top of the zoo, where the play area is. I have recently started paying the $6 for all of us to ride the tram to the top and then walk down. Its a lot easier on my body.

Third, the viewing areas were gorgeous and accessible. I believe the zoo has been redone in the last few years because everything was clean and up to date. I rarely had to lift Connor to see over the barrier to see the animals, unlike the LA Zoo where he can't see over any of the bushes. They had pandas, which we don't have in LA, and a big gorilla exhibit. We even got the special treat of seeing them feed the gorillas and talk to the trainers.

We didn't do the rides and I blame myself for that. It was getting warm and I was getting tired, but they do have several attractions; a nifty train, carousel, and indoor play area that we skipped. The best part about the lay out is that all of those attractions were in one area so it was easy to just not walk that way and the kids wouldn't ask about them.

We got the whole zoo done in about 2 1/2 hours. I was really pleased with the way the day went. I would LOVE to be a member if I lived in Atlanta, in fact, when we arrived at 12:30 there were lots of mom's leaving. It was obvious they were there when it opened and were ready to go home for lunch and naps. I was really happy we were able to check it out. I still think it is overpriced, but since we got a discount it was well worth it.

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