Tuesday, April 29, 2008

3 + 4 = 7

Its a simple number sentence and the result doesn't seem like a large number. But when you change the number sentence into a word problem the result seems much larger.

3 Cahills + 4 Dicksons = 7 children under 6 years old.

Seven children seems to overwhelming. Although, I only have true responsibility for 4 of them, the Cahill children will always be in my heart and thoughts (and even sometimes in my schedule). Just as my kids are often Melanie's responsibility as well. Melanie and I are such good friends that we spend several days a week together. At this point that is *only* 5 kids. I can't believe that 5 children seems like such a small number. In a few short months when we have dinner together or set out on an outing we will have 2 newborns, 2 toddlers (almost 2), 2 4-year-old boys, and a 5 year old girl.

Sometimes it is easier to have double the kids. The toddlers play very well together, when they aren't fighting over toys. And the boys love playing boy-games and running around the house yelling 'pew-pew'. But sometimes having 2 kids the same age is just more work. For instance, we will be potty training the toddlers this summer, which means double the amount of potty training effort and paraphenalia. The boys are wanting to learn to read so we will be doing that this summer as well. All while we learn about our new babies and recover from labor and delivery. Good thing Lainy Ann is such a great helper. I am already hearing about all the baby-holding and helping she will be doing soon.

But my biggest concern is the price of gas. Melanie and I really enjoy taking the kids on road trips, but I can't think of a single car on the market that will hold 7 kids in car seats/boosters and 2 adults comfortably. So now I am looking into commercial vehicles, you know the kind companies use for van-pools. The Dodge Sprinter is looking pretty good, but its a huge step to by a 10-person car. Our first vacation won't be for 2 summers since we decided taking 2 non-walkers to National Parks would be a bad idea. So, Lainy Ann will be 7, possibly old enough to be without a booster. But the boys will be 6, the toddlers will be 4 and the 'babies' will be 2. Oh! And the equipment involved! All the strollers, playpens, DVD's gaming systems, toys, and sippy cups. . . . The list is exhausting.

So for now I will just focus on 3 + 4 = 7. That seems a lot more simple.

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