Monday, March 3, 2008

Lainy Ann is 5

Lainy Ann has learned so much in the last year. Not only did she start Kindergarten this fall, but she is now reading fluently on level 1 and some level 2 books. I think the birthday party activities are the biggest indicator of her growth this year.

This year we invited *her* friends from school, not just family friends. She chose the theme, flowers, and helped us get ready by running errands with me, taking stickers off of party favors and taking things out of packages. She helped frost the cupcakes and even chose her own party dress. She has become very independent and I am incredibly proud of that.

After her party, which was books only for gifts, she opened and read every single card out loud and by herself. I'm so proud. She opened the gifts and read me the book titles so we had a record of her gifts. The following day she buckled down and wrote half of her thank you cards. I wrote the sample for her and she wrote the cards.

Dear ________,
Thank you for my present. I really like books. They are my favorite.
Love, Lainy Ann

When she made a mistake she erased it and started again. On a few cards the mother had only signed the older siblings name. She was sure to tell me about it and was sure to include both siblings names. I was really proud of her for recognizing the end result and figuring out a way to accomplish it.

The next morning she continued to work on her thank you cards. And by the time she had done all 15 she understood the process and she wrote her very own thank you card, without my help, to her grandmother and aunt. She had remembered the format and process. She only asked me to spell a few words for her. Then she drew a picture on the front of each card and by Tuesday morning all of her thank you notes were done and given out.

I am so incredibly proud of her for being a good big sister, being independent and grown up. I can really see her future ahead of her now. Her wants, desires, and goals. Its wonderful. Its wonderful being her mother.

Baby Lainy Ann
Baby Lainy Ann (4 mo) with Great Grandma Dickson

July 2005
Fourth of July Parade in Madras, OR (July 2005)
Leslie, Connor (10 mo), Lainy Ann (2 1/2), Great-Grandma Dickson
Taylor Family

Easter 2007
Easter 2007
Lainy Ann (4), William (8 mo), and Connor (2)

Lainy Ann Fifth Bday
Lainy Ann (5) at her birthday party

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