Tuesday, March 4, 2008

A Bunch of Comedians

They all have a sense of humor. Every single one of them. Now William is telling his own jokes. He often takes his pacifier and sticks it in his ear until I laugh. Or he will put it in my ear. Then yesterday in the car he took his shoes and socks off (his new favorite car activity) and put a dixie cup on his foot instead.

Of course no joke isn't complete without the laugh, so he continues to "aaaaaaahhhh" until we laugh or praise him appropriately. He is quite the ham.

A few weeks ago he emptied the laundry basket, climbed inside and yelled for Caskey to show off his accomplishment. Just now he climbed up the ladder in the castle and hollered until I came to see how high he had climbed.

I am continually amazed how different they all are, yet at the same time, how similar.

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