Monday, February 25, 2008


It was one of those days. The one that every mother has, but only complains about to her best friend. The stress was getting to me, I had 'lost' Lainy Ann at the store, and everyone was cranky. By mid-afternoon I started to cry because the toy vacuum was broken and hadn't been glued together, still.

I was so surprised to see my wonderful sweet boys try to fix mommy's tears. Connor stopped playing and ran off to the kid's craft drawer to get me Elmer's School glue. Then William gave me his blanket. Because when he is crying it helps him to feel better.

Immediately I did feel better. Both of my boys were trying their hardest to make my day easier. It brought a smile to my face. Just what I needed after a long day.

By the way, the vacuum is still broken.

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