Tuesday, February 19, 2008

At The Car Wash

We woke up to a dreary day here in Sunny California. Its not all that cold to most of the country, but for us southerners its freezing. Today is overcast, drizzly and a freezing 48 degrees. Yup, go ahead and laugh now my family to the north! :-)

On top of all that we slept badly last night. I have a cold and feel worn down and the kids got up almost an hour early. Since putting them outside to play isn't an option I had to find a way to fill most of the morning and wear them out before an early nap, the nap I will be taking too.

As a special treat we went through drive-thru at McDs and then on to the drive-thru car wash. Lainy Ann was already at school, so I thought this would be a special treat for the boys. The bonus is that my car would be less dirty and I wouldn't have to take them out of the car.

I ask the gas station attendant if the car wash is open today. He laughs at me. He can't imagine why I want to wash my car. I'm tempted to say, "Hey! Its my car and my $8. Are you open or not?!" Instead I politely smile and say, well, its really dirty.

We splurged and got the $8 wash with spot-free rinse. I realize now how silly that was since I have rain drops all over my car. I pull forward, stop when the red light flashes and start divvying up the food. Then the process begins. It starts with foam spurting out in all directions. William is cool with this part of the process. Then the huge rollers or rubber material pounding my car. He starts his afraid scream.

Connor and I desperately try to calm him, but I'm also half laughing at the absurdity of the situation. Here I thought we would have fun, but instead I am terrifying my baby boy. I felt trapped - as I am sure he did - I didn't want to pull forward for fear of damaging my car and I didn't want to take him out of the car seat because I feel it is unsafe to move the car at all if he isn't buckled in. So I spent the 10 minutes kneeling in the driver seat patting his leg and telling him, "Its okay, the car is getting a bath. Its just the sponge." and dozens of other reassurances. He starts shaking he is so scared and then clawing at the buckle on the car seat. I felt awful.

So our yucky day was worsened by scaring the bejeezus out of William. In addition the boys never ate the food. *sigh* Hopefully, nap time will go better.


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