Wednesday, December 26, 2007

New couch

I felt like such a grown-up when I got my first 'real' job as a teacher. In just a few weeks I had to rent an apartment, move north 70 miles, buy a washer and dryer and my first furniture; a couch and recliner. I remember going to Sears Home (which no longer exists) and walking to the back, to the clearance section. There were two couches that would fit; a floral print and a blue plaid. I kid you not, I chose the blue plaid so my future husband would like it too. How silly is that?! I also bought a pink recliner; we call it the big pink chair. It has an integrated phone, massage, and heating element, although the last time it was plugged in was in my old apartment.

William decided that we would get a new couch about 2 weeks ago. My couch has been deteriorating badly. It sags from years of everyday use. It is covered in bodily fluids. In fact, early in our parenthood I bought an upholstery cleaner just for that purpose. The fabric began to wear thin and we started looking for a new couch. Then 6 months ago I leaned on the arm of the couch and heard a rrrriiiipppppp. So we invested in a pricey slip cover, after all it looked nicer than the blanket we had thrown over it. We washed the slip cover a dozen times too - more fluids (thanks, kids).

But on a Sunday night at 6 pm Caskey and I decided to have pizza. I treated myself to a coke with my pizza. William climbed up onto the couch and proceeded to dump the soda ALL OVER. The entire can was dumped on the couch. I am sure after many hours of cleaning and sopping up sugary soda the couch would have been saved. But it wasn't really worth it, not after all the wear and tear this couch had been through.

[caption id="attachment_497" align="alignnone" width="360" caption="Playing in a puddle of Pepsi"]Playing in a puddle of Pepsi[/caption]

We rushed out and bought a new couch right away. But it was hard to let go of all the memories that first couch were a part of. We brought home our first three babies to that couch, we propped them up and took pictures and late at night Caskey and I took turns sleeping on it while the baby would sleep in the bouncy. Good-bye blue plaid Sears couch.

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