Thursday, December 6, 2007

Fairies in our World

LA: Mom, for my 6th birthday party I would like it to be fairies.
M: We will see, that's a long time from now.
LA: Its because I want to be a fairy when I grow up.
M: Why?
LA: Because fairies fly and I want to fly.
M: You can be a pilot and fly airplanes.
LA: I would rather be a fairy.
M: Well, you know fairies are pretend. (I regretted saying this immediately.)
LA: Really? There aren't any in our world?
M: Well, I haven't seen any.
LA: But I see one right there (out the window).
M: Oh, what does it look like?
LA: Well, its far away, so its hard to see. Its trying to get through the clouds but its wing is caught in a cloud and the rain [in the cloud].
M: What color is it?
LA: White like the cloud.
M: Well, maybe I am wrong.

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