Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Connor's Bike

Last year Lainy Ann got a bike for Christmas. Well, this year Connor got a bike for Christmas. I know the experts say not to compare your children, but its hard not to when they are so drastically different. Today, December 26th, we finally took the bike outside. My patient and understanding Connor has waited 24-hours before trying out his gift from Santa.

He is doing a fantastic job on it. Riding it fast down the street. He is so polite too, "Daddy when we go down the street and back to the house, can we go again?" I wish we had more flat concrete so the kids could ride their bikes all the time. Right now Lainy Ann's bike is kept at Grandma Lou's and we have to go to the park or in the street to ride the bike.

UPDATE: He has already fallen, 5 times. He is SUCH a boy. Whoever says that a boys attributes are a factor of nurture versus nature is just crazy. He came in from outside filthy. I have never seen Lainy Ann that dirty, ever. He has dirt under his fingernails and streaks of dirt across his face. He told me that he went fast like Lightening McQueen and he fell five times. The first time Daddy caught him. He cried the first time and hiked up his pants to look for blood. When he realized he was fine he hopped right back on the bike. Subsequent falls were just as quick. I think we will be heading to the park later this week.

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