Thursday, November 1, 2007

Daily Minutia

Over a year ago we saw them break ground on a particular property down the street from us. We drove past the property 2 to 3 times every day on our way to school. We would discuss the heavy equipment; the tractors, bulldozers, and cranes. We would suppose what they were building; a new store, offices, or apartments. This has been part of our daily discussion for a long time. When they coned off party of the street and it took an extra 3 minutes to get to school in the morning we wondered if it was for a delivery, plumbing or electrical.

We were astonished at the scaffolding high up in the sky. We talked about the green tarps they hung when it was time to pain the building. We talked about the big hole that was dug in front of the building after it had been built. Even daddy got into that discussion.

Once the outside of the building was complete the kids asked about what was happening inside. We talked about all the little pieces and parts that go into a new house; carpet, toilets, tile, lights, etc. Each time we drove by one of the children would yell out, "Oh look! See what they are doing now!"

For weeks my daughter would say, "I wish we could live in an apartment". That launched the discussion of different types of housing and how she was lucky to have a backyard for her birthday party. She didn't see my point of view, like a normal preschooler. And then I wondered why I had worked so hard to give her a big house and her own room when I might as well have a 2 bedroom apartment. But as my mother reminded me later that day, children never think what their parents have done is good enough.

This past week they put in the landscaping; there are willowy trees in the front and sod that looks like it took 8 weeks to grow. They put balloons on the banister and a sign that says, "Open House Sat & Sun 12-5 Contact Albert." We are going. We don't need a house or a new place to live. But I think back on all those great discussions. The new things we learned as a family as we watched this building go from a dirt lot to place that 20 families will live. It seems so exciting. It makes me very thankful that they will be building a new library on our street for the next year. A whole new set of discussions starting with, "where are they taking all the books?"

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