Friday, November 2, 2007

Animal House

Something happened while I was growing William. He came out part-human, part-octopus, and part-monkey. He has been climbing before he could walk. He would dump his toys out of his toy table and climb right in. When I used toys to block cabinets, he used them to climb on top of. Then he realized the fine art of squeezing into a tight space. He would find 3 inches and squeeze past to grab our water glasses and get into our junk drawer. That was the weekend we got a new coffee table and I started to get dehydrated.

Then in May we got a new desk. A non-baby proof desk. Its a fine piece of furniture so we haven't put anything permanently on it. Instead we left the drawers empty. Well, you know the golden rule, empty drawers accumulate stuff - there is stuff in them now. And then after William comes over the stuff goes on the floor. Thanks, William.

His new favorite activity is to open the bottom drawer, empty it, climb inside and reach everything at the back of the desk. When I started pushing things further back he realized that if he stands on the edge of the drawer he gains an extra 3 inches. So now I have to put everything 3 inches further back. He spends the majority of his time in the drawer now hoping that we have forgotten to put things far enough back. He drags his toys in with him and plays with them. Then he fills the drawer with toys, closes and opens, and take them back out. The real problem is that he "dances" and stomps his feet. Its just a matter of time before he stomps right through the bottom of the drawer.

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