Friday, November 30, 2007


*********** DRAFT *************

These are mostly for California residents.

Join this if your child becomes identified:

Educate yourself on the laws and policies. I am happy to decipher any jargon for you:

For the Children (and God)

Recently a friend sent me a forwarded email. I detest these. They have some promise of "forward to 6 people in 24-hours and you will be blessed with good luck" or they have overly-cutesy images that slow down my computer. I usually just hit delete, especially if it requires watching a video or slide show.

This particular email about Invisble Moms arrived just in time. I had been feeling badly about my job as a mother. Lainy Ann is going through a rough time as she is exerting her independence since she has started Kindergarten, we are often left butting heads and I am left scratching mine trying to figure out how to remind her not to wear a summer dress in winter without yelling and tantrums. Connor is testing me - just flat out ignoring me. And William sleeps great all night long provided he is being held or is in my bed.

Rain, Rain, Come Every Day!

I can't remember the last time it rained here - at least 6 months ago. Last year it only rained 3 days during the 'rainy season'. It rains so infrequently that we don't own rain boots, rain slicker, or other rain gear. We have a few umbrellas that I have owned for close to 8 years. I have probably used them 2 dozen times, total.

Well, today it is raining, technically. It is more like drizzle or even a fine mist. The ground is barely wet and it will be like this most of the day. In fact, Caskey hasn't even put on his 'winter roof' on the jeep yet.

But it is a red letter day for us in the Dickson household. The kids (and I) are so excited about the rain. You see, Granmda bought these ridiculously expensive and frivolous umbrellas about 2 years ago. The kids have used them 3 times and only once while raining. So, today we got dressed early, ate a quick breakfast and headed outside to 'use' the umbrellas.

Apparently the reality isn't as exciting as the fantasy. They were outside for 2 minutes until they realized it was barely raining - so the umbrellas got tossed aside. Then 10 minutes after that it was too cold and watching Blue's Clues with William was much more appealing.

I wish we had more 'weather', here in California. Especially when it is 80 degrees at Christmas.

Friday, November 2, 2007

Animal House

Something happened while I was growing William. He came out part-human, part-octopus, and part-monkey. He has been climbing before he could walk. He would dump his toys out of his toy table and climb right in. When I used toys to block cabinets, he used them to climb on top of. Then he realized the fine art of squeezing into a tight space. He would find 3 inches and squeeze past to grab our water glasses and get into our junk drawer. That was the weekend we got a new coffee table and I started to get dehydrated.

Thursday, November 1, 2007

Daily Minutia

Over a year ago we saw them break ground on a particular property down the street from us. We drove past the property 2 to 3 times every day on our way to school. We would discuss the heavy equipment; the tractors, bulldozers, and cranes. We would suppose what they were building; a new store, offices, or apartments. This has been part of our daily discussion for a long time. When they coned off party of the street and it took an extra 3 minutes to get to school in the morning we wondered if it was for a delivery, plumbing or electrical.