Wednesday, October 3, 2007

This is Why I Don't Garden

My mother has a green thumb. She has beautiful gardens and I love taking pictures of the kids for special occasions in her backyard. She has annuals and other plants that come out at different times of the year. She gets out in the yard in the cool spring to ready her plants for beautiful blooms in the summer.

Up until now I have convinced myself that I didn't inherit that gene, that I don't have the time or patience for that kind of commitment, and maybe I can do that when the kids get older. But Sunday I realized the real reason I can't garden.

I was in the front yard putting some water on the 5 plants I actually care about; a gardenia, a green-thing, 3 purple-things, and an end of season tomato plant. Since it is still 80 degrees here I am hoping for a few more tomatos before the cold sets in.

As I was shutting off the hose Caskey gave me a look that said, "are you challenging me?" And I started backing away, "NO" I shouted. "I'm just watering". But I recognized that look in his eye so I quietly pocketed my car keys.

Next thing I know Connor is getting a fireman lesson. And I was the fire. So I dashed to the car, put the keys in the ignition and decided to come back well after bedtime. But Caskey had the other set of keys and he jumped in too and then he opened the doors and the sunroof. Not only was the outside of the car spotted, but the inside was getting a good soak too. (I guess this post could also be called, "why I don't wash my car".)

Well, Caskey made the mistake of being a moving target, even more fun for Connor. I made a break for the house as I heard Caskey yelling, "no, get mommy, get mommy!"

Thank goodness for the chain lock. I barricaded myself and decided to wait out their exuberance. But Caskey decided to make use of the mail-slot. Yes the mail-slot. There was water all over the INSIDE of my house. Every time he saw me through the mail slot I could hear him yell, "Connor, quick, the hose." And I would dash into the bathroom again.

The house was drenched. I'm just glad he had the common sense to stay away from the furniture and the electronics.

I finally snuck out the side door and into the front yard and turned off the hose. I hoped that William wouldn't give me away as he was quietly playing in the dirt. Once the hose was off I snuck back in the house, hooted and hollered a few more time, "no, don't get me wet." He sprayed down the coffee table one more time. When I was sure he was out of water I quickly opened the door and grabbed my kids. I closed the door and locked Caskey back outside.

Once a truce was agreed upon I let him in. We had a great laugh over it and now I don't have to mop the floor this week.

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