Friday, September 7, 2007

You Think

Do you think that I am over it
Better than before
Maybe I've forgotten
Doesn't hurt me anymore?

Do you think that I am doing fine
No tears are shed each day
Get up and just get going
Pain has all but gone away?

Do you think that I am coping
Living life just as you do
If that's what you imagine...
You don't have a single clue

I cope, I cry, and I deny
I've learned how I must hide
Keep everything within me
Bottled up deep down inside

I can't be who I was before
I've changed I'm someone new
It happens when you have a loss
You would be different too

I'm so misunderstood each day
Too tired to explain
Not over it, or better
Simply put... I'm not the same

In loving memory of Joey
and his heavenly buddies
© copyright September 07

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