Sunday, September 30, 2007

Smiling Ear-to-Ear

I really love our local YMCA. They have a good selection of classes for the children, the childcare program is great, and they have a lot of support for those trying to get healthy including meetings with a counselor on how to exercise. But I think my favorite part of our YMCA is that the local fire departments are there almost daily exercising. The firemen always hold the door for a mom with a stroller, take the time to talk to the kids, and let's face it, firemen are pretty good looking. Also, the kids and I usually spend a few minutes walking all around the firetrucks and admiring the knobs, hoses and ladders.

Just recently the boys and I were looking at the fire truck and talking about 'how cool' the it was when a paramedic truck pulled in. We politely stood out of the way and then began to examine the new truck. Then the paramedic did something that I love. He acknowledged my child and spoke to him with respect. So often we are at a restaurant when a waitress completely ignores my child when taking orders or even worse refers to my looks-like-a-seven-year-old as a baby.

This paramedic started talking to Connor and asked him his name, asked him how old he was, said "give me five" and then exclaimed about him super-strength. The paramedic went on and on about how strong Connor was and how he would make a great fireman. Then he asked the best question, "do you want to sit in the firetruck?"

Why is it that I never have my camera when that happens? So the paramedic lifted Connor 6 feet into the air and put him in the Captain's seat. My good little boy just sat there grinning, not bouncing, not touching. I was so proud of him. Then I realized my cheeks were hurting. It wasn't just Connor who was smiling ear-to-ear, him mommy was too.

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