Thursday, September 13, 2007

The Penny is in the Pee-Pee

"Hurry, Mommy, Come Quick!!!!"

I dread hearing those words. Mostly because I do not need to come quick. It does not constitute the emergency I think of; calling 9-1-1, injury, illness. Instead it is because someone isn't sharing or William is getting into something, non-dangerous, that will create a mess.

Today it was Connor screaming from the bathroom. I got worried that he threw-up again since we are till getting over an illness. I rushed into the bathroom.

C: Mommy, my Buzz Lightyear penny is in the pee-pee.

I stared at the penny willing it to magically levitate out of the toilet. I wondered why I don't have gloves in the house. And I did the math on whether or not the flushing of the toilet would make the penny go down, because I don't mind sticking my hand into clean water.

M: I don't know honey. I think its gone forever.
I was resisting the urge to lecture him on not playing with pennies while we pee.

C: But, Mommy, you have to do something?!

Well, that was the magic thing to say. He was so devastated, but still asked for help without crying or throwing a tantrum. He was polite and used such a good and complete sentence. What can I say? I'm a sucker for my children.

So I found a wooden spoon that we never use and I fished out the penny.

I saved the day.

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