Thursday, September 27, 2007

One of the Family

One of our favorite games in this family is tickling. The kids are tickled multiple times daily; after I buckle the car seat a bit under the arms, when I am putting on shoes a few pokes on the bottom of the foot, and when they get tucked in at night a tickle/nuzzle under the chin. It is who we are. We rough house and tickle and attack each other with love.

No one is safe. Occasionally the victim is mommy and daddy. And sometimes the tickling degrades into chasing and splashing water.

William has been observing this behavior for his 14 months in this house. And I think he has finally found his place; his job. Just the other day Caskey had Connor pinned on the ground tickling him. Connor was enjoying it thoroughly. So William decided to help. He crawled over to Connor and sat on him. Yup. Sat on him.

Then yesterday as I was in the throws of giggles on the floor while Daddy had a go at my bare-feet William toddled over and threw himself face down across my chest. He laid on top of me 'holding me down' and helping Daddy. Until, of course, he became the next victim.

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