Sunday, September 23, 2007

Grief Rights

Contributed by Kara Thompson

I have the right to find my own way to the light of day everyday.... I have the right to stay in the dark if I so feel..... I have right to decide that my new Normal is going to start at what time and I have the right to chose what my new normal is.... I also have the right to remember them in my own way each holiday and special moment that my heart sees fit.... I have the right to mourn a little each holiday as I learn to go forward.... I have the right to say Goodbye as many times as I need to.

You have the right to support me and to remember to say their name... They are not a he she or it or they... They have names and they have a special place in my heart.... They will never leave for thought they are gone they have not been erased from my life or my memories..... And for your strength that you give and the love you provide and the memories you keep open and share..... You have the right to hear I love you and thank you and you're special....

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