Thursday, September 27, 2007

Don't throw it away, you might need it

My husband keeps everything 'just in case'; a broken toaster, different lengths of bungee cord from an old swim vest, ripped jeans, old sheets, and most recently he cut the leather off of a broken desk chair. I, on the other hand, accept the reality of our 1300 square foot, no garage, 3 kids and a cat existence. I keep baby clothes and baby gear because we aren't 'done' yet. I keep my old teaching supplies in case I go back to work. And I have a few boxes of memorabilia; my cap and gown, a ring pop, buttons that say 'bride', 'groom', and 'new mom' and other junk that is meaningless to anyone but me.

About six weeks ago I got extra copies of William's best photos and typed up a resume for a 12-month-old. I wrote about skills like stands alone, waves bye-bye, very personable, comfortable around strangers, and drinks from a cup. Boy, if I could include things like that on my resume imagine how impressive it would be. Oh, well, that's beside the point.

I found a list of 2005 Los Angeles area agents online, did not bookmark it. I copied and pasted it into Text Edit. I then deleted any agent who didn't specifically mention infant/babies as their specialty. Thirty-minutes later I had 5 pages of agents printed and in hand and deleted the textedit document. I decided that it would most likely get opened and read if I hand wrote all the addresses and return addresses. Once that was completed I threw away all of the addresses. I mailed off the resumes and forgot about it. I went against the very motto of my husbands life.

Imagine my shock when two weeks later I was validated in my every belief that my son was indeed the most adorable child in the world and an agency wanted to meet with him. Well, that's not exactly what the lady said on the message, but that's what I heard. I became so excited that I forgot about the rest of the message. I didn't listen to the name of the agency, the name of the lady, the phone number or even the area code. In the 30 seconds the message was playing William became so busy on casting calls that I had to start tutoring him on the set while Connor started at preschool full-time. I had visions of dashing around Burbank and Glendale on closed sets.

So I grabbed a pen and paper and started to listening to the numerous messages we never get around to deleting; "Hi, we want to tell you about . . . " DELETE "Caskey, . . . " DELETE "We are calling to confirm . . . " DELETE dial tone DELETE DELETE "end of messages. NNNNNNNOOOOOOOOOOO Wait!!!! Where was my message? Where was the nice lady who thought my son was adorable?! I deleted the message without listening to it again. There is a very small window in which you are deleting the previous message instead of the next message. I missed that window. My son's television/print career was over.

I dug through the trash looking for addresses I had thrown away two-weeks ago. I checked my web history looking for the website. I tried memory cache on the printer. We even checked the firewall. I had never save the TextEdit document. And quite frankly I couldn't even remember the area code, much less the name. I was devestated. I had ruined my son's career.

I finally googled the talent agency list again. I found it!!!!!! I found the original list. That narrows it down to 50 agencies. I redid all my previous work - but this time I bookmarked the website, saved the textedit document and save the hard copy.

I started cold-calling agencies, "Um, Hi. I think your agency called me to set-up an appointment for my son. The person's name? The message was really garbled. I'm not sure. I think I need a new machine. Sure. I can hold. Hello. Um, no I'm not sure it was your agency. It was really garbled. Okay, thanks for your time."

I gave up. I had called 15 agencies and left messages with five. There was nothing more I could do. I was deflated. I had messed up. In our new digital age there was no way to get back that message.

Later that night I had a blinky light - AGAIN!!! The same lady rattled off her name, the agencies name and a phone number. I grabbed a pen and paper. I did not hit DELETE. And we had an appointment. YAY! My son will have a career once more.

William started throwing up 12-hours before his big meet-and-greet. Maybe its just not meant to be. Maybe someone is trying to tell me something. *sigh*

I just got a phone call. Apparently there is a Jewish Holiday this Thursday. Canceled AGAIN!

We finally made it. I was able to arrange childcare for Connor and we arrived at the appointment 15 minutes early in his cutest outfit and my most professional one. Heck, I even put on make-up. I filled out a form with all of our contact information and skipped the part on talents and sports. I couldn't find drooling or waving bye-bye - so I guess that part didn't apply to us.

The agent came out and explained to me what would happen.
A: Okay, we are going to take him to the back to see how he does with strangers.
Me: okay (as I gather my things)
A: (holding out her arms for William)
Me: Oh! You mean by himself.

He cried. Obviously. A stranger just took him from mommy during nap time and he is sick and hungry. Fortunately, he didn't cry the entire time. About 3 minutes later the agent came back with William. She gave me a polite line about how she is looking for conflicts with other children, meaning he looks like someone else they already represent. By the time I got home there was an email thanking me for our time.

*sigh* I'm not sad about this. But I sure wish I had known. I could have saved ourselves a lot of time and trouble. At least I didn't have to pay for parking.

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